Coupons, Deals and Cash back offers – how does it work

Coupons, Deals and Cash back offers are the most hot topics these days. We will explain you how it works.

Coupon Codes, Deals, Promo Codes, of Discount Offers:

Coupon codes or promo codes are some codes applying which you get some discount on your shopping. Deals or discount is something for which you don’t need to apply code, product offered on reduced price. Coupons, deals are mainly provided by almost all online stores.

Cash Back offers:

Cashback offers are provided by cashback websites. In actual when a user shop from affiliate url of any cashback website, the website gets a commission. Then the website provides a part of the commission back to customer as a cashback.

Coupons, Deals and Cash back offers: from Coupons4sure

At coupons4sure sure we provide coupons, deals and cash back offers in one place. Now coming to the point how to get those from our site.

Fist you need to open our site coupons4sure, then log in/sign up with us. You can do it by clicking below red marked option.

Log in

After clicking on log in you will get below page. There you can create account by name, email and password or else you can log in directly via your facebook or google+ acount by clicking f or G+ logo.

sign up

Once you logged in you will be redirected to coupons4sure home page. Now if you had already the store you want to shop from the click on all store and select your shop. Then it will list all coupons or discount offers for that shop you selected. Now if you find your desired product with offer or coupon codes then click on the show code/ check discount option. Else if you can not find your desired coupon then just click on any show code/ check discount option. After that you will be redirected to merchant site, shop any thing from there. You will get some cashback from us. Which will be a extra benefit for you. See sample check discount option.

check discount

Now if the store name from which you want to shop is not decided yet, you just know the product you want to buy. Then go to categories option, and select you preferred category. You will see the list of best offers on that category from different stores. Then select your offer, shop from our link and enjoy cashback.

Cashback utilization:

Now you might have some question in mind. How you will see how much cashback you get. Or how can you use those cashback. First i am showing you how to see how much cashback you got. After logging in to our site, you name will be shown in the header section. Click on you name you will get option of dashboard. Click on that you will be able to see your dashboard. See image below:

coupons, deals and cash back offers

From this cash back panel you can see your cash back. Also you can raise complain to us for missing cashback. Refer your friends and earn cashback option is also there. Now you can transfer the cash back amount to wallets like paytm, or even you can transfer to bank. To get back to home page from cashback panel just click on coupons4sure logo.

So enjoy coupons, deals and cash back offers from coupons4sure. Thus you can both save money with our coupons or promo codes and also earn money through our cashback program.


Shobheet saxena

August 24, 2017 @ 20:55

very clear user guide.


August 24, 2017 @ 21:01

i always enjoyed coupons4sure cash back offer


August 24, 2017 @ 21:05

Best cash back ever..

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