A Secret Tip To Find Online Deals You Never Knew

Did you know that a lot of online retailers use dynamic pricing to maximize profit? You might be charged more because of a high demand, but more worryingly, it could merely be because you’re from a richer country. This is not a conspiracy theory, it’s what actually happens on the global market.

To beat them at their own game, use a VPN to change your IP address to find deals and secure payments. Here’s how.


1 Paying less for more

Online retailers have devised a way of using location services to change the perceived worth of a piece of item to the buyers. That is why such an item will be sold for a lesser price in the home market while costing more for international buyers.

The extra cost is not even inclusive of the shipping fees in a lot of cases.

The best way to work around that is by using a VPN to connect to a more favorable location. That will allow you to buy at the standard price the product is being sold for instead of the inflated price on offer.


2 Securing your payments

Remember how you were getting those shoes while connected to the coffee shop’s Wi-Fi? If you haven’t already found out, public Wi-Fi networks are one of the most unsafe networks in the world.

Due to their lack of encryption, hackers can snoop around for your internet data and pull off sensitive information. Speaking of sensitive, know that they can obtain your credit card details (which you would be using to pay) this way, emptying your accounts and even leaving you in debt.

None of that will happen if you’ve got a VPN. These pieces of software will:

  • Encapsulate your internet data in secure packets
  • Transfer the data over secure servers and
  • Only unpack the information at the target website.


By so doing, you don’t have to fear someone intercepting your transfers in-between. You would be in a totally different internet space to anyone snooping and have them going around in circles.


Wrap Up

Quite frankly, the benefits of grabbing a VPN before going to shop online outweighs the case for doing things the way you are used to.

We know it is hard to consider the points above and not go gunning for your very own VPN today. We don’t blame you. After all, the best time to have started shopping with a VPN by your side is yesterday.

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